Radio Frequency Engineering :Consultancy and Training

Gaddon Ltd: Head Office 18 New Royd, Millhouse Green, Sheffield, S36 9NW, UK.

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 Radio Engineering Consultancy.

Our Services include:

Specialist support for new and legacy RF systems

RF analysis of workshops and areas.

Pre-compliance testing of electronic equipments

Automated Test Solution design

Test Procedure design

Technical training short courses

RF engineering basics

RF Engineering advanced

Radar basic techniques

ECM basic techniques

EMC/EMI for engineers

RF test equipments

2 and 3 day courses

Electronic and RF Facility Hire

South Yorkshire based

Very low ambient RF interference

Signal production<= 5GHz

Signal measurement >6GHz

Pre-compliance testing available


Tele 026 100 3377

Tele 01226 766 999


Tele 978 357 8600

Training Course Dates:

5th-6th  Mar 2019,  Introduction to RF engineering, Melbourne Vic

11th-15th Mar 2019,  RF Engineering (5 day), Melbourne Vic

18th-19th March,  Introduction to RF engineering, Sydney NSW

8th-9th April 2019,  Introduction to RF engineering, Houston Tx

22nd-23rd April 2019, Introduction to RF engineering, Sheffield UK