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News and Updates:

Gaddon Australia Open for Business.

On 11th March Gaddon Australia Pty began trading to offer all the Gaddon support and training services to Australia and the Australasian area.

Updated courses

RF engineering Fundamentals has been updated to include the choice and use of general RF test equipment.

NEW Service

Gaddon is now able to offer it’s Research facilities on a short term basis.  If you require short term research or an RF question answered please contact us at

New course dates available in the UK, USA and Australia

Radio Frequency Engineering Course Schedule 2015:

Gaddon Ltd is a leading Radio Frequency (RF) Engineering and Test Solution Consultancy.

We provide project management, project support and technical training covering:

Radio Fequency Engineering, Avionics, Radar and ECM systems.

Automated Test Systems and Test Solutions in Electronics and RF engineering fields.

Radio Frequency Engineering  and  Electronics Engineering short courses.

Gaddon supports multinational companies and SMEs in the UK, Australia and USA  with Radio Frequency Engineering project support and ATE design.  

Our Technical Training includes scheduled courses, On site training, bespoke course design for both general electronics based engineering topics and bespoke specialist equipment based courses for customers.

If you are looking for other types of training, check out the directory of customer service training seminars

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Gaddon Offices in Yorkshire

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Radio Frequency Engineering consultancy

RF and Electronics training

RF Automated Test Solution design

RF Engineering Fundamentals


4th -5th Aug


13th -14th Aug



20th-21st October

Melbourne Vic

26th -27th October

Canberra ACT


3rd - 4th- November

Boston Ma

EMC for Engineers


15th Aug



22nd October

Melbourne Vic

28th October

Canberra ACT

Electronic Warfare




Digital Techniques

On Requested

On site

Radar Techniques

On request

On site

Electronic Counter Measures

On request

On site